“I appreciate that you see your candidates for an assessment before they are put forward to me – a lot of agencies I have found out do so without vetting them first"

Client Testimonial

Mediation – Why choose this route?

The three most important aspects of using mediation are:

  • It is extremely cost effective and is being used more and more by private & public organisations.
  • Impartiality – A mediator is a professional who aims to assist both parties in a non judgemental manner.
  • It is recognised as a way forward in reaching a lasting resolution.

Mediators have a natural ability in gaining the trust of the parties involved in the process.

Mediators will encourage the parties to be open and honest.

Mediators will steer the parties to keep them on track and stick to the relevant issues.

Renato Recruitment can carry out the mediation process at your premises or at our offices in central Bromley.